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Downtown Cleveland Engagement Session

Middle of January and it was 60 degrees outside. Could it get any more perfect?

Choosing to do an outdoor portrait session in winter and booking weeks in advanced is always a gamble. You either have to love the cold and warm cozy clothes or you've got to be feeling lucky. I think Michelle and Ray were feeling lucky. It's been a warm winter but we didn't expect 60°. No big winter coats needed for this photo shoot.

Photo Shoot Locations: Rooftop on W 6th, Public Square, The Arcade, E 4th.

Downtown has a lot to offer in terms of photo locations. Our first location was a rooftop on West 6th street. The elevation created a great backdrop of Terminal Tower. The newly renovated Public Square was on our list but was quickly nixed once we saw that what was once grass was now complete mud from the Women's March that took place just a few hours before. The Cleveland Arcade is a great space full of warm lights in a Victorian backdrop. East 4th is always a good pick. The lighting and colorful signs that line the street add a lot of depth to a photo. Just beware of the crowds on East 4th. Each shot takes a lot longer as you wait for people to move out of the way.

Real quick, Let's talk outfits.

We're often asked "What should I wear for a portrait session?" Our answer is always the same, neutral colors, minimal patterns, outfits which go together but don't match. Our good friend Rachel goes into more detail about this in her CLE Fashionista blog post on family photos.

Michelle and Ray did an awesome job on their selection. Her simple, elegant, and a long flowing skirt added great motion and color to the shots.

Mad props to Michelle for wearing those shoes and walking downtown the whole time.

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